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Quick-cooking series

​Instant Quick Cook No-Hot Pot

Don’t turn on the fire or plug in, a bottle of 700ml of water will have hot and spicy rice noodles and winter noodles in 15 minutes

If you want to eat spicy hot pot when you are quiet at night, and want to eat supper at night? Want to eat hot when camping in the wild? Are you hungry after power outages?

​Traveling abroad to study, want to eat Chinese food, take a long-distance bus, high-speed train, want to eat hot noodles? No boiling water! !

​No hot pot can solve your needs, there are spicy and not spicy, you can know what you want!

An unprecedented, more convenient and delicious choice than cup noodles​


​Please place the non-hot pot on a heat-resistant table.

Children must be accompanied by an adult to operate. Avoid direct contact with hot steam on your face.


食法介紹 》


拆開包裝,將食材逐一放在上層內盒,建議可按個人喜好加入即食肉腸、蟹柳等,然後加 500 ml 室溫水

拆開下層發熱包塑膠包裝,加室溫水 200ml。立即將上層內盒置其上,然後蓋上盒蓋,蓋上留一洞。等候15分鐘,即可食用。

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