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​Japanese snack wholesale

Japan Snack Wholesale | HKfood.Biz Hong Kong Food Co., Ltd. | The latest trend of Japanese, Southeast Asian and Taiwan imported snacks, food, candy, and beverage wholesale purchase, welcome to schools, clubs,


Latest Products

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F12414 Dydo 懶惰熊綠茶 500ml (4支裝)(隨機)

Dydo Lazy Bear Green Tea 500ml (4 sticks) (random)

Japanese specialty drinks

F12425 卡樂B 紅茶拿鐵朱古力波浪薯片 50g

Caleb Black Tea Latte Chocolate Wave Potato Chips 50g

Japanese snacks

PC0005 OXY 炭粒子深層洗面膏 130g

Hadalabo Gokujun Perfect Multi-Effect High Moisturizing Day Cream

Japanese personal care

Latest Products

The newest and trendiest Japan and Southeast Asia

Imported snack food

Featured Hot Deals

Selected and hot-selling specialty foods and toy snacks from all over the world, with a wide variety of types

​Best sellers

Warmly recommend Japanese seasonings,

Popular Japanese snacks and alcoholic beverages

Special recommendation

Health-preserving porridge, fast food without electricity and fire

Hot pot, nostalgic food

Limited Time Offer

Japanese gift box丨French wine丨

Korean seaweed

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